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Cuisine of Azerbaijan

The presence of fresh vegetables and fruits throughout the year, the diversity of products brought about by the different geographical conditions of the regions and the use of these alone or in combination with other products has created the richness of Azerbaijani cuisine. Not only the richness of the product, but also the variety of cooking utensils such as copper kettles, sini (round metal tray), pots and scoops with a variety of cooking techniques are among the elements that make the Azerbaijani cuisine unique.

When it comes to Azerbaijani culinary culture, we can not go without mentioning the influence of the cuisine of neighboring and brotherly peoples. Due to the trade on the Silk Road dating back to the past centuries, neighboring to Azerbaijan the Caucasian tribes, Turkey, Iran, Arab, Chinese and Indian cultures blended in interaction have been instrumental in the emergence of multi-dimensional and rich culinary culture. Today, the kinds of dolma (stuffing) for the Azerbaijani cuisine, rice, hash, bozbaş, crunch, soup and so on it is possible to come across the cuisine of the peoples mentioned above.


It is known that there are more than thirty dolma and sarma (stuffing and wrapping) and more than fifty rice types in Azerbaijani cuisine. The sherbets are delicious and refreshing than any other companion of Azerbaijani food. Gandab, apricot, saffron, iskanjabi, rose and pomegranate, khoshab, mint, basil, sumac and many other sherbets which can be counted, increase the breathiness of the food it accompanies.

In the traditional Azerbaijani cuisine that is famous for its flavor and variety of kebabs, mutton is used in abundance. However, veal and poultry meat and game birds are quite varied. Azerbaijani cuisine which is one of the few cuisines in which both meat and fish are used owes this wealth to the Caspian Sea. Delicious fish species such as cod and caviar in the fertile waters of the Caspian Sea are frequently used in the cuisine of this region

Although the dough and meat dishes such as lüle kebab, tike kebab, haşıl, hengel, düşbere, noodles come to the fore in Azerbaijani cuisine, one of the most important elements of this cuisine is the greens that are consumed without being cut fresh. Greens such as coriander, cress and basil which are consumed in all meals including breakfast are the ornaments of the tables and the taste is also healing at the same time.

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